Charlotte H. N. Markey, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology
Chair, Health Sciences 

Rutgers University
311 North 5th Street
Camden, NJ 08102




B.S., Psychology, Santa Clara University, CA, June 1997, Magna Cum Laude
M.A., Psychology, University of California, Riverside, CA, June 2000
Ph.D., Psychology, University of California, Riverside, CA, June 2002


Recent, Select Journal Articles:

Markey, C. H., August, K. J., Gillen, M.M., & Rosenbaum, D. L.  (2024).  TikTok, Instagram and young adults body image:  An examination of type of engagement. Journal of Media Psychology. 

Rosenbaum, D. K., August, K. J., Gillen, M. M., & Markey, C. H.  (2023).  Understanding eating disorder symptoms in same-gender couples: Social environmental factors.  Journal of Eating Disorders.

Markey, C. H., Strodl, E., Aimé, A., McCabe, M., Rodgers, R., Sicilia, A., Lo Coco, G., Dion, J., Mellor, D.,Pietrabissa, G., Gullo, S., Granero-Gallegos, A., Probst, M., Maïano, C., Begin, C., Alcaraz-Ibánez, M., Blackburn, M., Caltabiano, M. L., Manzoni, G., Castelnuovo, G., Hayami-Chisuwa, N., He, Q., Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M.  (2023). A survey of eating styles in eight countries:  Examining restrained, emotional, and intuitive eating and their correlates.  British Journal of Health Psychology, 28, 136-155.***Top 10% of downloaded articles for the year.

Markey, C. H., & Daniels, E.  (2022).  An examination of preadolescent girls’ social media use and body image:  Type of engagement may matter most. Body Image, 42, 145-149.

Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M., Rodgers, R. F., Maiano, C., Mellor, D., Camacho, A. S., Markey, C. H. et al. (2022). Testing of a model for risk factors for eating disorders and higher weight among emerging adults: Baseline evaluation.  Body Image.

August, K. J., Kelly, C., & Markey, C. H.  (2021).  Reciprocity and individual differences in diet-related spousal involvement among older couples managing diabetes: The role of gender. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 38, 363-383. doi: 10.1093/geroni/igz038.977

Markey, C. H., Dunaev, J. L., & August, K. J. (2020). Body image experiences in the context of chronic pain: An examination of associations among perceptions of pain, body dissatisfaction, and positive body image. Body Image, 32, 103-110.   doi:10.1016/j.bodyim.2019.11.005

Markey, C. H., August, K. J., Gillen, M. M., & Dunaev, J. L. (2020). Predictors of disordered weight loss behaviors among same-sex and opposite-sex romantic partners. Eating Behaviors.

Aimé, A., Dion, J., Markey, C. H.,  Strodl, E., Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M., McCabe, M. et al. (2020).  Assessing positive body image, body satisfaction, weight bias and appearance comparison in emerging adults: A cross-validation study across eight countries. Body Image

Strodl, E., Markey, C. H., Aimé, A., Rodgers, R., Dion, J., Lococo, G., Gullo, S. et al. (2020).  A cross-cultural examination of emotional eating, restrained eating and intuitive eating:  Measurement invariance across eight countries.  Body Image.

McCabe, M.,Tatangelo, G., Watson, B., Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M., Rodgers, R., Aime, A., Mellor, D.,Granero-Gallegos, A., Strodl, E., Caltabiano, M., Sicilia, A., Castelnuovo, G., Lo Coco, G.,    Grogan, S., Probst, M., Dion, J., Maïano, C., Manzoni, C. M., Begin, C., Blackburn, M., Pietrabissa, G., Markey, C. H., Gullo, S., Lirola, M., Alcaraz-Ibáñez, M., Hayami-Chisuwa, N.,He, Q., & Ricciardelli, L. A.  (2019).  Development and testing of a model for risk factors for  eating disorders and higher weight among emerging adults: A study protocol.  Body Image, 31,139-149. doi:10.1016/j.bodyim.2019.10.001

Gillen, M. M., & Markey, C. H.  (2019). A review of research linking body image and sexual well-being.  Body Image, 31, 294-301. doi:10.1016/j.bodyim.2018.12.004

August, K. J., Westly, K., Alger, M., & Markey, C. H.  (2018). Main and interactive effects of diabetes distress and stress from life events on overall psychological distress.  Journal of Health Psychology.

Markey, C. H., August, K. J., & Dunaev, J. (2018).  Understanding body image among adults in mid-late life: Considering romantic partners and depressive symptoms in the context of diabetes.  Journal of Health Psychology.  

Dunaev, J., Markey, C. H., & Brochu, P. (2018).  An attitude of gratitude: The effects of body-focused gratitude on weight bias internalization and body image. Body Image, 25, 9-13.

Dunaev, J., Brochu, P. & Markey, C. H. (2018).  Imagine that! The effect of counter-stereotypic imagined intergroup contact on weight bias. Health Psychology, 37, 81-88.

Markey, C. H., Gillen, M. M., August, K. J., Markey, P. M., & Nave, C. S.  (2017).  Does Body Talk Improve Body Image Among Same Sex Couples? Body Image, 23, 103-108.

(*Indicates student co-author.)


Recent Books and other Publications:

Markey, C. H. (2025, forthcoming, under contract). The Body Image Book for Girls:  Love Yourself and Grow Up Fearless, 2nd edition. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. 

Markey, C. H. (2024, forthcoming). Adultish: The Body Image Book for Life. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. 

Friedman, H. S. & Markey, C. H. (Eds.)  (2023). The Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 3rd edition.  New York:  Elsevier. 

***The Encyclopedia contains 270 entries.

Markey, C. H., Hart, D., Zacher, D. N. (2022).  Being You:  The Body Image Book for Boys.  Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. 

Markey, C. H. (2020). The Body Image Book for Girls:  Love yourself and grow up fearless. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. 

Daniels, E., Meghan, M. G., & Markey, C. H. (2018).  Body Positive:  Understanding and Improving Body Image in Science and Practice (Edited book).  Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. 

Markey, C. N.  (2014).  Smart People Don’t Diet:  How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently. Da Capo/ Lifelong Books. 

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Recent Honors and Awards:

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring, Rutgers University, Camden, awarded May 2021

Annual Faculty Fellow, “Raising Body Positive Girls,” Rutgers University, Camden, awarded April 2019

Fellow, Division 35 of the American Psychological Association (Psychology of Women), awarded August 2014

Recipient, one of the top 5 articles of 2013, The Psychology of Popular Media Culture

Participant, American Psychological Association Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, awarded May 2012